International Leptospirosis MAT Proficiency Testing Scheme

The International Leptospirosis MAT Proficiency Testing Scheme is a collaborative project provided by laboratories in Amsterdam, Melbourne and the United Kingdom, on behalf of ILS.

The objectives of the scheme are (a) to provide participants with information about the quality of their MAT testing, as an aid to improved performance, and (b) to encourage a general improvement in the performance of MAT testing and in leptospirosis diagnosis throughout the world.

Panels have been sent to participants annually since 2002. After all results are received, participants receive an emailed preliminary report, identifying the samples. Later they receive a comprehensive final report, comparing and analysing results from different laboratories.


Any laboratory performing the MAT may participate in the scheme. In Round 13 (2015), which is currently in progress, 110 laboratories from 51 countries are participating.

Non-commercial laboratories from countries classed by World Bank as Low Income or Lower-Middle Income will automatically qualify for the concession. Specific individual requests for the concessional rate from laboratories in countries in the Upper Middle Income group that are undergoing hardship will be considered. A list of the World Bank classifications can be found HERE.

Round 14 is to be delivered in 2016. There are likely to be moderate adjustments to the charges for Round 14. The timing and cost for Round 14 will be advised on this website, through the ILS list server, and by direct email to Round 13 participants.


Chappel, R.J., Goris, M., Palmer, R.F. and Hartskeerl, R.A. (2004) Impact of proficiency testing on results of the microscopic agglutination test for diagnosis of leptospirosis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 42:5484-5488.


Enquiries about participation should be directed to Roderick Chappel (

Enquiries and comments relating to the scheme can also be directed to Marga Goris ( or Rudy Hartskeerl ( at the Leptospirosis Reference Laboratory, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam.

Enquiries about participation should be directed to Roderick Chappel ( Laboratories wishing to participate should nominate the currency in which they wish to pay.